ECIT Token


With building a Casino venture such as the one we are proposing will require hiring the right people and building the correct infrastructure for it to progress to the final live product. We have been talking and looking at how we want to build it, what will be required and who we need to get this built in a timely and professional manner.

We will have all the old favourite games that people have come to love, plus also will set aside a % each month to develop new and unique games and events taylored to our unique casino.

To invest in the building of Eternal Casino and LogicDEX we have a investment token ECIT (Eternal Casino Investment Token).

These can be purchased @

You can also check out our market cap and other details @ CoinGecko

ECIT is a ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain and you can view the contract @

At the end of every month, last sunday to be more precise a snapshot will be taken of all HODLER’s and 50% of all profits made throught Eternal Casino will be distributed per ECIT share in ESH. 10% of the total profits will be added to the Bankroll/Reserve and the other 40% will be used for running of site and also development and promotion.

A minimum of 10,000 ECIT must be held in your personal wallet to qualify for monthly dividends at the time of snap shot.(NOT HELD ON EXCHANGE, MUST BE IN PERSONAL ETHEREUM WALLET….

Of the ECIT sold through xchanges 10% will be set aside for support/running of site and servers, 10% for promotion and the last 80% will be placed into a development fund to help build and bring this dream alive.

Please feel free to come and chat to use on our Telegram support channel @ or one of our Twiiter pages or and ask question and get the latest news ..